In my Final Master Project, I focused on creating an immersive experience with sounds and scents as a way of sustainable inner travel. For this, I researched related concepts and literature regarding the topic. Furthermore, I designed a prototype with a matching sound- and scentscape, which was tested during a diaries studies. A brand guide was created to ensure an appropriate style profile and consistent aesthetics throughout the designs.
This Final Master Project was the most challenging out of all the projects I did during my master. This project brought all my knowledge and experience together and showed me where the gaps were. For example, I knew I was skilled at graphic design but less proficient in creating physical prototypes. However, I was determined to make it work and include a new domain: scents. Learning about scent designers and their work opened up this world and its opportunities for me, and I am confident that I will use scents in future projects. Furthermore, I experienced, as before, that I enjoy explorative research in which there is room for future-oriented ideas. Also, I experienced the hurdles you will encounter when working on physical prototypes, like materials and electronics challenges.
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