During my previous studies, Business Innovation, I interned at Oceanz, a 3D printing company. I spent 50% of my time working in the manufacturing department and the other 50% on my project. My project was focused on researching and designing 3Dprinted insoles. To do so, I first researched the field of podiatry by reading literature and discussing the opportunities with multiple podiatrists. I learned that creating insoles acquires a personal approach by doing so. I devised a method to scan a foot and then create a 3D model of it, which I then used to create an indent in the insole so it would perfectly match up with the foot. The insoles were then tested and iterated during multiple design rounds.
Before this internship, I had been interested in 3D printing and its opportunities for a long time, so I made a deliberate decision to apply only to 3D printing companies. This particular company interested me because they work a lot with a 3D printing method (Selective Laser Sintering) that I was not familiar with before. Next to learning a lot about 3D printing and its use cases, I also experienced working in a production-oriented company. It was inspiring to work with colleagues with a design background who worked on designing 3D models. Moreover, the field of podiatry was completely new to me, and I discovered that I enjoy diving deep into a subject and learning as much about it as possible. However, even though I thought the 3D printing field was very interesting, I did not continue on this path. I had intended to expand my knowledge and experience in 3D printing during my master's studies, but I discovered that I would rather learn about new methods and approaches. Despite this, I am still interested in 3D printing, and I will expand my knowledge and start creating more with the 3D printer I have at home.
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