From August to December 2022, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange semester at UNIST in Ulsan, South Korea. Here I participated in three courses that extended my knowledge in the design & business domain. Furthermore, I traveled through the country, which extended my cultural knowledge.
I was very happy that I could attend UNIST since it has been a lifelong dream of mine to study in South Korea. I have always been interested in the culture and could not wait to experience it by myself. Because of the Covid-19 regulations, I could go later as planned, but it was worth the wait. I was anxious leading up to it since I had never done something similar, but I was able to create a pleasant environment for myself to learn soon. Apart from the knowledge I gained during the courses, I also learned about cultural differences and working with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, I learned that I am open to pursuing a career in Asia when the opportunity arises.
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