This project aimed to create a better work-life balance by designing a family of artifacts. After researching the various directions, we devised a system consisting of headphones, a lampstand, and a social hub. The headphones have multiple focus settings that communicate with the lampstand and are reflected on the social hub. The social hub is the main system in the design family that showcases each family member and their focus settings. This way, both being able to better focus on work and social interaction is encouraged.
This project showed me the functionality of designing a design family, which I also did during my Final Master Project. Before, I was used to creating one design or sometimes multiple ones, but they were not connected and designed with the same aesthetic. I learned by doing so that it is good practice to be meticulous and consider every detail. In my opinion, this contributes to a valuable design since it increases the consistency of your designs. Lastly, this project also showed me that I thrive on projects with other designers instead of by myself.
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