This course aimed to conduct research based on mixed methods and design research studies, emphasizing the selection and combination of methods. With the project group, we researched the method of Mental Landscapes by Dan Lockton. We developed an adaptable toolkit, which we tested during a workshop. Our findings and process are described in the published paper: Material Metaphors: method for physicalizing relations and experiences. This paper has been presented at the conference Cumulus Antwerp.
This course taught me the advantage of mixing different methods. While being guided by academic researchers, I had the opportunity to work on an adaptation of an existing research method. I learned how to write a paper successfully and experienced publishing one. Furthermore, it was my first time attending a conference, and I not only learned from other researchers presenting but also by having conversations with other attendees. It has been important for my development since I now feel more confident utilizing research methods in my projects.
Creativity & Aesthetics
User & Society
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