I focused on the relationship between Williams syndrome, empathy, and musicality in this research project. I conducted user-centered research by interviewing music therapists to understand the music therapy field better. Furthermore, three digital prototypes were designed, which all incorporated sounds and/or music. The prototypes designed aimed to help individuals with Williams syndrome express their emotions and better understand others. Also, they were based on literature regarding emotions.
This was the first time I had to conduct a research-oriented project completely by myself. I thought it was very challenging, and I experienced multiple hurdles. First, finding the right research approach and the appropriate methods was challenging. Next, I encountered some challenges regarding ethics. It was difficult to do research with individuals with Williams syndrome, so I had to redesign my project to include other users as well. In a future project, I will consider that some research fields will be more challenging to focus on. Lastly, I learned that I prefer working on projects together with others instead of working alone.
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